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Using CRM software can increase your sales by up to 29%.

A CRM allows you to better follow and know your leads to facilitate conversion. You can also more easily retain your customers to make repeat purchases. They will also recommend you to those around them and give a positive opinion on your business.

But which one to choose among the many CRMs on the market? To help you, here our top 9 picks .

1. The Twilead CRM

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Twilead Features

In addition to customer relationship management, Twilead allows you to:

  • Connect your tools
  • Automate your marketing with sales funnels (for example by sending a follow-up SMS)
  • Centralize your SMS, emails and phone calls
  • Connect Google My Business and respond to customer reviews
  • Access your data from anywhere thanks to its mobile application
  • Create your website (replaces WordPress) and members-only areas (replaces Kajabi)
  • Organize appointments (like with Calendly)
  • Create performance reports

Twilead’s CRM allows you, among other things, to segment your contact list according to different criteria (differentiating prospects from customers, marking who has already purchased a particular product, etc.). You can also manage your e-reputation with the platform’s CRM. Engage with your customers by thanking them for their positive feedback, but also by responding to negative reviews.

Benefits of Twilead

The segmentation of your email list allows you to personalize the content to send to your contacts. You meet their specific needs. Segmentation can increase your click-through rates (14%), conversions (10%) and sales (20% ) .

Twilead’s mobile app lets you work from anywhere, so you don’t miss a thing or waste your precious time. Its appointment scheduling manager avoids wasting time unnecessarily with your customers.

All-in-one software saves you a lot of money: several softwares connected together are more expensive. You can save up to 1500 €/month !

Twilead is certainly the most complete tool on the market for its price.

The prices of this CRM

Twilead offers three packages:

  • The Business package at €75/month

  • The Performance package at €140/month

  • The Expert package at €240/month

It is the only one on the market to offer a fixed and unlimited rate, regardless of the number of users in your company or the number of contacts imported. You can try Twilead for free for 14 days.

Once unlocked with your subscription, the features of the platform are fully unlimited. Emails, SMS, and calls are included in the platform and ready to use. Credits are offered to you with your subscription.

2. Hubspot

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Hubspot features

Platform features include:

Hubspot’s CRM feature lets you segment your contacts. You can have up to 10,000 for the most expensive plan (Enterprise). Beyond that, you buy a limit of contacts per slice (€92/month per slice of 10,000 contacts).

The prospecting feature allows your leads to make an appointment directly with you or your sales representatives according to the available slots.

Initially created as a marketing automation tool , Hubspot’s marketing functionality lets you, among other things:

  • Creating and tracking social media ads

  • Creation of landing pages and contact forms

  • Automated sending of emails

Benefits of Hubspot

Hubspot has a free plan that you can try with no time limit.

The feature of making appointments by prospects avoids multiple telephone or email exchanges. This saves you valuable time and promotes prospect engagement (this feature is also available at Twilead).

CRM pricing

Apart from the free plan, Hubspot offers 3 paid plans:

  • The Starter package at €41/month

  • The Pro package at €740/month

  • The package at 2944 €/month

3. Salesforce, the CRM leader

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Platform features

Salesforce is a CRM software allowing you to:

  • Manage your contacts

  • Manage your tasks and events (organize appointments, send a follow-up email, etc.)

  • Create detailed reports

  • Connect your tools to Salesforce

  • Send automated emails

Salesforce contact management allows you to track your leads from a dedicated interface. So you can identify and focus on the leads with the highest chance of converting.

With Salesforce, you can customize your dashboards and get reports with only the data you need.

The advantages of Salesforce

Being able to identify and follow your qualified leads allows you to increase your conversions and your sales.

If you need help, customer support is available in French.

Salesforce Pricing

Salesforce offers 4 packages. Prices vary according to the number of users:

  • 25 €/user per month for the Essentials plan

  • €75/user per month for the Professional plan

  • €150/user per month for the Enterprise plan

  • €300/user per month for the Unlimited plan

These rates apply for annual billing.

4.Zoho CRM

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Its features

This customer relationship management software offers features similar to Salesforce and its competitors (contact and task management, centralization and automatic sending of emails, etc.).

But the tool still offers some less common features. You can generate leads by creating forms on your website. You have a graphical representation of the stages of your sales funnel. You can then move a prospect from one stage to another.

You can track both your tasks and those of your sales reps. You can also connect the software with your Outlook or Google calendar.

Zoho CRM is part of the Zoho suite of business management tools. So you can choose their other tools for your IT needs.

One of the downsides of Zoho CRM is that it only includes 1GB of storage with the Standard plan. If you need additional document storage, you’ll need to pay extra per month for every 5 GB.

Zoho doesn’t offer much free support. On the other hand, it offers webinars, documentation and training videos. To contact Zoho support directly, the only option is to submit a support ticket via email and wait for a response.

Benefits of Zoho

Zoho offers a free plan. You can also try paid plans for free for 15 days.

The software is quite affordable, at least compared to other platforms like Salesforce (see prices below). Zoho can thus be suitable for small businesses.

Zoho Pricing

The prices of the 4 Zoho plans vary according to the number of users:

  • €12/month per user for the Standard package

  • €20/month per user for the Professional package

  • €35/month per user for the Enterprise plan

  • €45/month per user for the Ultimate plan

5. Axonaut

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CRM features

Apart from the CRM functionalities, Axonaut is a complete management software that supports:

  • Billing

  • Cash

  • Accountability

Axonaut’s CRM features allow you to differentiate prospects from customers. You have a collaborative agenda, for better team coordination. You can also track at what stage of your sales funnel finds every prospect.

For invoicing, you can offer the customer online payment (by direct debit or credit card). You also have the choice of sending the invoice by post or by email. The accounting software allows you to view invoices in chronological order. You can see if such invoice is already paid or not yet. If you offer a subscription to your customers, you can automatically create recurring invoices .

The advantages of Axonaut

Knowing the stages your prospects are in helps you determine which ones are most likely to convert and therefore prioritize them.

The platform’s customer support is in French.

The customer has the choice of different types of payment according to what suits him (CB, direct debit, transfer, check).

Accounting actions can be automated (automatic entry of sales journals, expenses and VAT, sending of recurring invoices, etc.).

The prices of this CRM

Axonaut offers only one package. You have all the features from 4€9.99/month for 1 user. If you want to add more, you must pay €14.99/month per additional user.

A reduction of 20 and 30% is offered for a subscription of 1 and 2 years respectively (payment in one go).

6. Pipedrive

Pipedrive features

Pipedrive is a tool dedicated to sales management. There are no optional modules for marketing, project management, etc.

Pipedrive features include:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Creating custom forms to generate leads

  • A default sales funnel, modifiable according to the needs of your business

Pipedrive’s CRM tool lets you categorize your contacts and establish lists according to your criteria. Created lists can be edited, exported and shared with your team members.

Pipedrive’s sales funnel lets you not only track leads, but also create leads and link them to the relevant contact from a single page.

The major disadvantage of Pipedrive is that their system doesn’t offer a lot of CRM features outside of sales management. Especially since customer support does not offer telephone assistance.

The advantages of this CRM

You can try Pipedrive free for 14 days and without a credit card.

Creating an offer from a single page saves you valuable time, especially if you have several to create.

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive offers 4 plans:

  • €12.5/month per user for the Essential plan

  • €24.90/month per user for the Advanced plan

  • €49.90/month per user for the Professional plan

  • €99/month per user for the Enterprise plan

7. Freshsales CRM

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Its features

Freshsales CRM features are:

  • Contact management

  • Creation of personalized quotes

  • Obtaining virtual numbers (cloud telephony for your customer support and your sales representatives)

  • Transaction management

  • Email management

The contact management feature of Freshsales allows you to know the behaviors of visitors on your website .

In addition to custom quotes, Freshsales lets you create invoices and contracts.

The software allows you to get virtual phone numbers in over 90 countries.

The advantages of Freshsales

Freshsales lets you work from anywhere. You can make calls anywhere with your mobile devices thanks to cloud telephony (all you need is an internet connection).

You can also follow your transactions wherever you are, thanks to the mobile application.

Freshsales prices

Freshsales offers 3 plans:

  • The Growth plan at €29/month per user

  • The Pro plan at €69/month per user

  • The Enterprise plan at €125/month per user

8. Sellsy CRM

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Sellsy features

Sellsy is an all-in-one software including the following features:

  • Managing contacts, tasks and appointments

  • Login to your mailbox

  • Customizing Your Sales Funnel Stages

  • Creation of quotes and accounting

  • Different integrations (Gmail, Stripe, Paypal…)

  • Marketing tools (software for creating and sending email campaigns, creator of web forms)

  • Reporting tools (sales reports, forecasts on your turnover, etc.)

You can schedule automated emails to be sent at each stage of the Sellsy sales funnel.

The advantages of the platform

Sellsy allows you to save your money, being an all-in-one platform (accounting, marketing, CRM…).

Its customer support is French-speaking and the data is hosted in France.

Sellsy pricing

Sellsy invoices you according to the number of users and the package chosen.

Here are the different options:

  • The Billing and Management package at €36/month per user in monthly payment

  • The Prospecting and Sales package at €30/month per user in monthly payment

  • The CRM suite (including the 2 packages) at €45/month per user in monthly payment

A 20% discount is offered for an annual payment. In all cases, 2 user accesses are authorized. In total, if you choose the three modules, you will pay €111/month per user. It is quite expensive knowing the offers of the competition.

9. Really Simple Systems

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CRM features

Really Simple Systems CRM includes everything you need to manage your sales and marketing in an all-in-one system. It’s easy to set up, and it takes just a few minutes to get started, without compromising on quality.

Thanks to the marketing tool integrated into the CRM, you can capture leads from your website, build marketing campaigns and send newsletters directly from the tool. You don’t need an extra email tool because everything you need is in one place.

The benefits of Really Simple Systems

Like the other solutions featured, one of the benefits of Really Simple Systems is that it is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) .

Latest CRM system update enables integration with Zapier. This means that the tool is able to work with thousands of professional applications.

The prices of this CRM

The “professional” plan is available from €26 per user per month. A 14-day trial is available.

Conclusion: which CRM to choose?

Among the criteria for choosing your CRM, there are:

  • Your budget

  • Your objectives (better coordinate your salespeople, automate your marketing, etc.)

  • The size and growth envisaged for your business

Twilead is an all-in-one software that meets all your needs (CRM, connecting your tools, marketing automation, creating websites, making appointments, etc.). You will make considerable savings:


  • By avoiding using several tools at the same time

  • Thanks to affordable prices

Don’t wait any longer to request your demonstration of the tool , it’s free!

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