How to thank your customers: 10 examples + the best tips

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By habit or by pure automatism, we tend to forget what the thank-you messages that we send to the customer after a purchase are for.

And yet, they have a crucial role: a Harvard study estimates that a customer retention rate of

5% can increase your profits by 25% to 95

The thank you message is one of the most effective methods to increase this retention rate!

How to thank customers?

There are many ways to thank your customers (depending on the type of business and the type of customer). These include:

  • Thank you emails

  • Thank you letters

  • Thank you phrases in transactional emails

  • Responses to positive customer reviews

Two email templates to thank your customers

How to thank a customer by email in B2B?

If you sell a product (a SaaS for example), you can send a thank you email after the following events:

  • The customer shared his satisfaction with your support team.

  • After soliciting an online review from you, he gave you a good rating.

  • It’s the anniversary of your professional relationship.

A good structure to follow would be as follows:

  1. Flatter the customer and remind them why they are unique

  2. Offer her something unique as a thank you

  3. Possibly propose a call-to-action

You can send him the following email:

Hello[nom] ,

You have been using our tool for 6 months now! Thank you very much!

We are delighted to support your company, and congratulate you once again on [dernier succès du client]. It is a real pleasure to work with a challenging team like yours!

By the way, we are releasing a new feature that should interest you. You can make an appointment with our customer support on this link to present it to you. It is only available in beta version. We offer it exclusively for free!

Now that we’ve been working together for 6 months, perhaps you should migrate your monthly plan to annual billing? This will save you 30% per year! You can change your subscription here.

Thanks again, and have a great day,


Send a thank you email to your B2C customers

If you have an online store (e-commerce), the best times to send a thank you email are the following:

  • After a purchase

  • When subscribing to a subscription (in the case of monthly boxes for example)

  • After they have given a positive review of your products

  • At each level of number of purchases (5, 10, etc.) or amount

A good structure to follow is quite similar to that in B2B:

  1. Flatter the customer and remind them why they are unique

  2. Offer him something that will make him come back to your place (a gift and a discount coupon for example)

  3. Put a call-to-action

Hello[Nom] ,

We would like to thank you for subscribing to our [nom du service]!

We hope that this first step is the beginning of a long story that we will go through with you.

By choosing our service, you are doing us a favor. So we offer you this XX% discount code “[CODE]” on your next purchase on our store.

Thanks again and see you soon!


This kind of email should be sent automatically to all your customers after a purchase. Thanks to its automation features,
allows you to set the time when your thank you email is sent to the customer.

Two examples of letters and postcards to thank your customers

Example of thank-you notes to include in your packages (B2C)

In B2C there are many possibilities for sending a letter or a postcard. You can use the holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) as an excuse. You can also send them in addition to each package.

Be brief, sincere and effective.

Here is an ideal structure for the presentation of a card or a thank you letter:

  • Say thank you while flattering the customer.

  • Put forward the thank you message, it must be very short and visible.

  • Your logo or company name must be mentioned.

  • Use colors that match your image and your graphic charter

You can integrate this kind of card to your packages (we found it on

) :

Source : Canva

NB: If you want authenticity and create impact with your customers, opt for handwriting. This is a particularly time-consuming task and is especially suitable for starting a business (a store for example). If you have more than 20 parcels per day, you will have some difficulties!

Thank you note template to send to your B2B customers

Thank you letters to B2B customers are done on rarer occasions, as the interactions are less friendly and more professional. It takes big events like the New Year to share best wishes.

Hello[Nom] ,

In this new year, we share with you our best wishes!

We are very happy to accompany you since [date de début de la relation].

In retrospect, we are very pleased with the results achieved during this year [année N-1]:

[Liste des différents succès pour le client]

We look forward to another successful year together [année N]!



Depending on your relationship and industry, you may choose a more friendly (or even handwritten) format.

Otherwise, you can find more formal letter templates on Word, Google Doc and Canva (like here) :

template canva customer thank you letter

Four templates of thank you sentences to put at the end of your transactional emails

A transactional email is an automatic email, for example to confirm a payment, the sending of a package, etc. By including them at the end of your email, you send a positive signal to your customers.

In B2B, two examples of thank you phrases:

  • We thank you for the confidence you have in our company. We look forward to continuing to work together.

  • We are delighted to be working together. I remain at your disposal if you have any questions.

In B2C, there are two sentence templates to thank your customers at the end of your emails:

  • We are happy to share our know-how through our products. Thank you for your confidence and see you soon!

  • Thank you for your purchase! Stay tuned to your mailbox: we have lots of exclusive news to share with you!

How to thank a satisfied customer: 1 example of a response to positive reviews

Receiving a positive review of your product or service is free advertising that you can’t refuse!

But there is a way to improve this notice by responding directly to it. Thanking the author of the review shows those who read the reviews that you care about your customers’ satisfaction.

Learn to be brief but effective in all your dealings with your customers. A structure to follow would be this:

  • Thanking the author while flattering him/her

  • Provide additional explanation or information

  • Be courteous

  • Recall the positive in your relationship


  • Offer an exclusive or a gift

  • Put a CTA

The example below corresponds to a positive review of a B2B service:

positive customer review response

In B2C, the method to follow will be the same because in all cases the interest is that the exchange is public. Ideally, you can accompany a public response with a private thank you email (like the previous examples).

In short: how to thank your satisfied customers?

Thank you messages are a way to not only value your customers, but also a method to retain them and turn them into promoters of your services.

As you will have understood throughout this article, all the methods you will use follow a similar structure. Indeed, you will need to:

  • Flatter the customer.

  • Highlight your relationship and your successes.

  • Provide additional information if needed.


  • Offer a free gift with high added value and/or a discount.

  • Reiterate thanks and issue a CTA to get them to come back.

You should be able to send a thank you email to all your customers. To do this, you need to set up an automation system.

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The most frequently asked questions

How to thank a customer for his trust?

To thank a customer for their trust, you should state 4 points:

  • Remind her of the time you spent together.

  • Give him/her feedback on how you started.

  • Thank your customer while flattering them.

  • As a bonus, add free value to your message. It can be a gift, a coupon, a promo code, valuable information etc.

How to say thank you in a professional way?

To say thank you in a professional way, you can follow this template:

Hello Sir/Madam, the whole team thanks you for your positive feedback. The encouragement of our clients is an inexhaustible source of motivation and inspiration. We will continue to make every effort to offer you the best service.

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