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Reach out to your new subscribers and customers to build loyalty and maintain lasting relationships.

Marketing automation helps you take advantage of workflow automation to reach the right people with the right content at exactly the right time.

Marketing translation: Reach the right audience with the right value proposition through the right channel at the right time in your acquisition or retention funnel

So you can eliminate repetitive tasks in your multi-channel marketing efforts while improving user experience and retention rates , minimizing cart abandonment, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

You can market your business using automation software through a series of welcome messages, retain customers by sharing product recommendations, re-engage customers who are no longer, send customer messages. birthday, etc. No matter what type of business you run, it’s easy to set up email automation campaigns for any situation, whether it’s welcome emails, lead maturation or management of social networks.

In this guide, we’ll cover how you can use the powerful marketing automation features to bring you closer to and retain customers through your digital marketing campaigns, sell more products, and meet your unique business needs. We’ll also show you how to learn from your reports, and share tips and examples to get you started.

What is an email automation campaign and how does it work?

Email automation

Unlike one- off campaigns, automated campaigns are triggered when specific people meet predefined criteria that you set. For example, you can send an automated follow-up message to a customer when they first buy something from your store.

Twilead offers a number of automation types with built-in triggers for common activities, but if our pre-built options don’t meet your needs, you can always create a custom automation instead.

Once you’ve chosen an automation, added your content, and personalized your triggers and smart sequence, Twilead manages the queue of your prospects, subscribers, or customers and email sends. After a person receives the first message in an automation series, they will receive all emails in the series in order, unless they are removed from the automation through a defined trigger. in advance.

Example: You have a SaaS platform and a 3-step registration process . One of your prospects has completed the first two steps but has not completed the last one which contains the payment. Therefore, the trigger for step two kicks in, so this lead fits into your campaign to encourage prospects to complete the last step of the sign-up process.

If after one or more incentive emails, this prospect ends his registration, he will have fulfilled the targeted trigger “Registration completed”. Therefore, he will automatically exit this incentive campaign to complete his registration and switch to another established retention campaign for example.

Of course, this is a non-exhaustive example, it ‘s up to you to adapt it to your business , your activity and your marketing discourse. However, it is interesting to establish links via triggers between the different stages of your acquisition and retention funnel.

Connect with your new contacts

Automation is a simple and effective way to make a strong first impression. Reach out to your new subscribers and customers to build loyalty and maintain lasting relationships.

  • Get to know each other: Greet your new subscribers with a single email or a series of automated emails to help them get to know your business, organization or products.
  • Say “Happy Birthday” : Let your contacts know you’re thinking of them on their birthday. Create an automation, configure it to be sent out every year, and the platform takes care of the rest.
  • Send a series of educational or onboarding messages: Provide new subscribers or customers with the helpful resources they need to learn about your organization or business.

Stimulate customer loyalty

The customers who support your business are essential to your growth and success, so it’s important to let them know they’re valued . And since it is more profitable to retain your existing customers than to acquire new ones , you can create email automation sequences that go in this direction by asking them for their opinions, promotions, events, etc. customers demands to be considered and have royal customer service .

  • Thank new customers: Contact all new customers who have just made their first purchase on your e-commerce, their registration on your SaaS, to thank them for their visit or subscription and encourage them to increase their average basket via the upsell or cross-sell in the future.
  • Reward your best customers : Show your gratitude to your most loyal customers or those who spend the most by sending them a special communication, rewards, gifts …
  • Respond to changes in the status of your subscribers / customers (Your churn rate): Automatically send an email to subscribers / customers who join (or leave) a group on your list. Showcase a sample of the new content and benefits they’ll receive, suggest other groups and products they might be interested in, or get their feedback on their experience.

Bring people back

Automation can be a powerful asset for businesses at all stages of the customer journey , but it can be especially useful for re-engaging people who haven’t interacted with your brand recently.

  • Win back old customers: Create an automated email or series of emails to encourage customers who are no longer customers to come back to you or re-engage in your marketing campaigns. Showcase your latest products to customers who haven’t made a purchase in a long time, or offer an incentive to potential customers who have signed up to your list but haven’t yet purchased an item from your store or who haven’t. not subscribed to your subscription.
  • Improve email engagement : Automatically return subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked on a link in one of your email campaigns. You can also use post-send actions to update any of their merge fields, move those contacts to another interest group, or remove them entirely from your list.

Some tips when preparing your email automation campaign

Tips for creating your email marketing campaign

When to send your emails?

You can decide what time and days of the week you want your automatic emails to be sent. Immediately after the initial action of a lead or customer action ? The next day ? Next week ? It’s up to you.

For email automation scenarios that contain multiple emails, you will also decide on the email workflow and the time that must elapse between each new message sent.

If you’re not sure how to pace your content, try sending your posts at different times or at different intervals, examine your reports to see how engagement and conversions have been affected , and then do them. necessary adjustments.

If you have content that might go unreadable on weekends, don’t schedule an email to be sent on Saturday or Sunday. The deadlines you set between emails will take into account the days you have excluded . So if your series has a 3-day delay between emails and a message is sent on Friday, exclude Saturdays and Sundays for the workflow to start its 3-day delay from Monday. If you want a message to be sent on a yearly date, for birthdays of your leads for example, you’ll want the option to send it on any day of the week.

What’s your trigger?

All of the automation tools like Mailjet , Sendinblue , and Twilead have predefined automations with triggers defined for you – just enter the trigger criteria values . Custom automations , on the other hand, require you to set the trigger. And as we mentioned earlier, each email in your automated sequence can have its own trigger .

For example, if you want to send a follow-up email to every person who clicked a link in your last campaign, or every lead who clicked a specific button on your landing page , that click will be your trigger.

Inactions can also serve as triggers for your automation. Maybe a subscriber opened a campaign, but didn’t click, that “no click” could be your trigger event .

You can also add a customer to a storyline after they’ve joined your list, send a message after they’ve opened an email, send the next one after they’ve made a purchase, and so on.

Are you targeting the right audience?

A customer may like to receive occasional updates on your products, but not want weekly reminders on seasonal items or sales. Consider creating groups based on the interests of your leads and customers, or the frequency with which they want to receive your emails and developing scenarios tailored to each group . Consider over-personalizing your campaigns, your readers (subscribers, leads and customers) will necessarily be more engaged.

Are your messages “too automated”?

HR automation chatbot

By “too automated” we mean don’t they appear too robotic and not “human and authentic”?

The key to effective marketing automation is creating content that doesn’t appear to be automated . Communicate your message in a natural way and consider your brand’s voice and tone.

Simple example: Basic criterion to add proximity to your reader, the “Hello[Prénom] “ is mandatory even though most readers know it’s automation, it adds a sense of closeness. Simple, efficient! Then, depending on the data collected, your news, your editorial tone, add elements that only your readers could recognize so that they think that these emails are written by hand by “a human”.

Little summary :

  • Don’t write like a copywriter.
  • Know your customers.
  • Think of the brand as a person.

Analyze your results

Email automation reports are similar to your regular campaign reports , except that they show comprehensive automation statistics in addition to individual email statistics. Examine your monthly scorecard to explore your automation scenario’s open rate, click-through rate, and total number of emails sent for each month of activity. You’ll also find some useful trend data, which will allow you to see how the overall automation is performing against your daily average.

Learn from your data

Your reports contain a lot of valuable information that you can use to adjust your automations or inform other elements of your marketing.

For example, once your reports start to feed, you notice that some emails have a better engagement rate or generate more revenue than others. You may find that your automation is more effective when you offer elements of incentives. Your audience may respond best when you use a certain template, direct call to action, or descriptive object. You might even notice that when you send your automation emails or the number of emails in an automation series has an impact on engagement or revenue. To find out about other KPIs related to customer retention including email automation, it’s here.

No matter what your reports tell you, don’t be afraid to be proactive. Whether it’s testing out different content, adjusting the length and timeframe of your automation run, or doing something else, it’s never too late to review your reports, improve your performance, and leverage of your success.

Conclusion on how to prepare your email automation campaign with Twilead

You now know the basics to create your email automation scenarios, it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs and start A / B testing scenarios to find your most effective campaigns.

Twilead dashboard

Twilead allows you to create tailor-made email automation campaigns! A space dedicated to all the members of your team in order to create different workflows whether for your sales actions , manage your customer relations or finally your automated email marketing scenarios . Limitless CRM functionalities , you can create a multitude of completely personalized scenarios! Personalized triggers, addition of custom images / gifs, sequence of several emails and finally performance reports, Twilead provides you with all the elements you need to create effective marketing workflows.

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