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Pipedrive can increase your company’s sales by 28%.

Indeed, a CRM greatly facilitates the work of the sales team and increases their efficiency .

In this article, we are going to give you our opinion on Pipedrive , based on our complete test of this CRM . We will sift through its features and pricing .

To help you make your choice, we will also present two alternatives compared to Pipedrive .

Pipedrive: what is it?

Pipedrive has the essential features to manage the customer relationship . The tool offers affordable rates for startups and SMEs .

Pipedrive is present in 179 countries. The CRM tool is used by more than 100,000 companies !

Our brief opinion on Pipedrive 

✅ The benefits

  • Affordable rates

  • Ease of use

  • Several integrations 

❌ The disadvantages

  • No website creation

  • Limited number of sales pipelines depending on the package chosen

  • Telephone customer support only available with the most expensive plan 

Pipedrive user reviews

On Trustpilot, the opinions are quite positive, even if some of the customers are very dissatisfied (4%):

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 Many customer reviews are contradictory. For example, some are very satisfied with customer service, while others are not at all:

Pipedrive positive customer review

Pipedrive negative customer review

Pipedrive features

In this part, we introduce you to the main features of Pipedrive . And each time, we will give you user reviews about the tool.

Pipedrive’s CRM features

With Pipedrive’s CRM features, you can:

  • Import contacts

  • Manage them on the platform

Contact management is done through forms . They contain default fields and customizable fields .

But customizable fields are only available to admin users and those with the necessary permissions . As you can imagine: the number of custom fields you can create is limited depending on the package chosen .

Pipedrive also has a mobile CRM app . It allows you to:

  • Know your tasks from the start of the day (calls, appointments, etc.)

  • Check and process your emails

  • Add and edit tasks 

Automation with Pipedrive

With Pipedrive, you can automate :

  • Some repetitive tasks

  • Sending personalized emails

These two automations are actually linked. Indeed, when a new contact is added, an offer is created automatically . And when an offer is created, a personalized email is sent to the contact automatically.

Pipedrive also has an automated email campaigns feature. But it’s a feature you have to pay for on top of the initial package .

Integrations with Pipedrive

Pipedrive has a Marketplace where you can choose from 300 integrations . Among other things, you can integrate :

  • Slack

  • Asana

  • Trello

Slack is a chat app . It allows you (and your team members) to communicate live , send files, videos , etc. to each other. Slack also allows you to centralize exchanges and classify them .

Asana and Trello are project and task management apps . Your project is broken down into tasks and projects, assigned to the relevant members of your team.

Pipedrive user review on Trustpilot

According to a user, the development of new APIs is not very fast at Pipedrive.

Lead management

Pipedrive’s lead management functionality includes:

  • Pipeline management

  • The prospect list

Pipedrive’s pipeline has a visual interface . You also have color codes . They allow you, for example, to differentiate an activity that should attract your attention, from an activity that is overdue .

Pipedrive’s leads list lets you keep your leads there until they’re processed. This saves you from cluttering up your email inbox. Your prospects are not fixed, you can sort them, filter them and attach tasks to them .

Pipedrive user review on Trustpilot

Who is Pipedrive CRM for?

Pipedrive is mainly aimed at startups and SMEs . Its rates (see below) are also very suitable for these two types of business.

For larger companies , there’s Salesforce , built just for them. The CRM tool is used by Amazon , Adidas and over 150,000 other large companies .

Twilead is also a CRM tool designed for startups and VSEs / SMEs . With this all-in-one tool , you will save the subscription of more than 10 marketing and sales tools that you would have purchased elsewhere (marketing emails, automations, sales funnels, website creation, etc.). It’s not just a CRM, it’s a dedicated tool for all your sales and marketing needs.

Why is the Pipedrive tool not suitable for large companies?

Large companies need very advanced features to manage and monitor multiple sales teams . Many features need to be configured and customized. This is where Pipedrive has its limitations . We will take two examples .

For the sales pipeline, large companies need the ability to assess performance by team. It’s about identifying the most effective teams and analyzing how they’re doing . Pipedrive does not have this option.

Large companies also need to know which sales reps are the most effective , i.e. having the shortest sales cycles and the best conversion rates. Pipedrive reports do not provide this data.

Does Pipedrive CRM keep its promises?

To answer this question, we will rely on user reviews on:

  • Customer support

  • Ease of handling

  • Integration with other tools (API)

Customer Support

If you need help, Pipedrive’s French language customer support is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm . Otherwise, you also have content and training available in French to make it easier to get started with the tool.

If you have chosen the Enterprise plan (the most expensive) , you also benefit from customer support by telephone .

In our user reviews above, we have two extremes: detractors and promoters of their customer service. 

This is confirmed by this other user review on Trustpilot:

positive Pipedrive user review on Trustpilot

The client gives a rating of 10/10 for the customer support of the CRM tool.

But we still have another user review that doesn’t appreciate Pipedrive’s customer support at all :

negative Pipedrive customer review on Trustpilot

The client gives a rating of 1/5 for Pipedrive overall. He is not at all satisfied with the customer support which is limited to chat (no video calls) .

Ease of handling

Customers therefore also seem satisfied on this point.

This is confirmed by this customer review on Capterra:

Pipedrive customer review on Capterra

The client cites its ease of use as a benefit of Pipedrive. He gives the CRM tool a rating of 5/5 .

Integrations with other tools

Pipedrive easily integrates with other extensions . The use of Zapier allows you for example to synchronize the data of your applications .

You can create custom options , like awarding an offer as soon as the prospect fills out your form .

For user reviews, it’s mixed . First we have this client who rates Pipedrive’s Integrations feature as unsatisfactory .

customer review Pipedrive integrations on Capterra

Ditto here, the user failed to synchronize Gmail with the tool: 

customer review Pipedrive integrations on Capterra

How do I cancel Pipedrive if I’m not satisfied?

To cancel Pipedrive :

  • Go to the Billing tab.

  • Go to the bottom right of the page and press “Cancel my subscription”.

Pipedrive subscriptions and pricing

Pipedrive presents 4 packages :

  • Essential

  • Advanced

  • Professional

  • Business

The Pipedrive Essentials plan

The Essential package entitles you to the following features, among others:

  • Lead management

  • Customizable pipelines

  • 30 custom fields

  • Prospects box

The plan costs €12.50/month per user (annual payment) .

In comparison, the basic plan of Twilead (Start) costs €25/month . It’s more expensive, but unlike Pipedrive which only offers customer support by phone with its most expensive plan, this feature is available from the basic Twilead plan . You can even create your website for free, automate your emails, your sms and your voice messages.

Pipedrive’s Advanced Plan

Pipedrive’s Advanced plan entitles you to all the previous features, plus more advanced ones like:

  • Customizable email templates

  • Email open and click tracking

  • appointment planner

  • 100 customizable fields

The package costs €24.90/month per user (annual payment) .

At Twilead, the second Grow package costs €45/month . It entitles you to all the features of the Start plan, but also:

  • An unlimited number of contacts

  • Unlimited number of user accounts

  • Unlimited number of sales pipelines (they are limited at Pipedrive)

And the Advanced plan of Twilead gives especially right to an unlimited number of users .

From only 2 users, Pipedrive is therefore more expensive than Twilead .

The Pipedrive Professional Plan

The Professional plan of Pipedrive offers all the features of the previous plans , plus:

  • 1,000 customizable fields

  • 60 automated workflows

  • 150 reports per user

Its price is €49.90/month per user (annual payment) .

Twilead’s third Scale package costs €80/month . Again, Twilead costs less from 2 users .

The Pipedrive Enterprise Plan

The Pipedrive Enterprise plan includes all the features of the first 3 plans . It also offers:

  • An unlimited number of custom fields

  • Security alerts

  • Safety rules

The plan costs €99/month per user (annual payment) .

Twilead’s fourth Perform plan starts at €140/month . You benefit from the support of the platform team to optimize your automated workflows and to choose the most relevant integrations according to your sector of activity.

Again, it’s better to choose Twilead . You benefit from expert services in analysis and implementation of your workflows. You pay less than Pipedrive from 2 users .

Pipedrive pricing at a glance

Pipedrive will cost you the following price depending on the plan chosen:





€12.5/month per user (annual payment)


€24.90/month per user (annual payment)


€49.90/month per user (annual payment)


€99/month per user (annual payment)

How long does Pipedrive’s free trial last?

Pipedrive offers a 14-day free trial period .

What alternatives to Pipedrive?

Hubspot and Twilead are two alternatives to Pipedrive.

Which is the best tool between Pipedrive and Hubspot?

Hubspot is an American CRM created in 2006 . This is an alternative to Pipedrive as the two tools are quite similar .

Their main differences are:

  • Their prices

  • Lead generation

  • Their sales pipeline

Pipedrive and Hubspot pricing

Hubspot offers a 100% free version for life , while Pipedrive offers a 14-day free trial .

If you don’t want to settle for the free version and enjoy more features, Hubspot’s paid plans (Sales) cost:

  • €41/month (Starter) for 2 users

  • €414/month (Pro) for 5 users

  • €1,104/month (Enterprise) for 10 users

Pipedrive is available between €12.50 and € 99/month per user .

Hubspot is more expensive than Pipedrive .

Lead generation with both tools

To generate leads , Hubspot provides very useful information about your leads:

  • Origin of their visit to your site

  • Their behaviour

With Pipedrive, you can only:

  • Create lead generation forms

  • Customize them

For lead management, Hubspot has a lead scoring tool (scoring leads based on their likelihood of conversion) but not Pipedrive.

The Hubspot and Pipedrive sales pipeline

Both tools allow you to create and customize multiple sales funnels (pipelines) .

The difference: Pipedrive offers a visual interface for tracking leads.

Twilead vs. Pipedrive

We are going to take up the three points of comparison with Hubspot to be able to better compare these tools with each other.

Twilead and Pipedrive Pricing

Both tools provide a 14-day free trial. Twilead is cheaper than Pipedrive beyond 2 users .

Let’s do the math:

  • Pipedrive’s Advanced plan costs €24.90/month per user (annual payment) , or €49.80/month for 2 users .

  • Twilead’s Grow plan costs €45/month with unlimited users .

Lead generation with both tools

Capturing leads with Pipedrive is essentially limited to creating and customizing contact forms .

With Twilead, you can also create complete websites . You can also create:

  • Questionnaires

  • Investigations

  • Forms

The creation is easily done with drag and drop interface .

No need to pay for additional tools to generate more leads with Twilead

The Twilead and Pipedrive sales pipeline

Twilead allows you to create unlimited sales funnels.

Pipedrive limits the number of pipelines you create depending on the plan you choose .

Comparative table of the 3 tools





Free Version

Free try

(14 days)

(14 days)

Sales pipelines


Creation of websites

Landing pages

Mobile app

Should you choose Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is an interesting and accessible CRM for SMEs, but incomplete. Use it only if you have all the necessary marketing tools. Twilead is a better option because it is more complete.

It is an all-in-one tool for:

  • Generate more leads

  • Convert your prospects into customers thanks to multi-channel campaigns (calls, SMS, emails, social networks)

You will save money if you need more than 2 users .

Don’t wait any longer to try Twilead for free for 14 days !

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