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Many professionals complain of spending countless hours attending unproductive and poorly organized client meetings/appointments. But the biggest crime is all the time wasted in arranging these dates.

Calendly is a free appointment scheduling software , with several paid options, which solves this problem and makes it possible to organize an appointment quickly .. However, its price per user can quickly increase in case of specific need. It is therefore relevant to pay attention to some alternatives to Calendly.

While most crm tools for organizing meetings are basic tools in English and in Saas mode, such as Calendly, we will see that there are appointment scheduling solutions available in French or open source.

The best-known alternatives to Calendly are: 

  • Google calendar
  • Rally
  • CalendarHero
  • Cal.com
  • Doodle
  • Twilead

5 Calendly Alternatives for Scheduling a Date

There are many tools available to simplify this whole planning process. This is the most efficient way to optimize the time for planning meetings or client appointments. (Besides the time of all the participants!)

Most of these tools have different functionalities articulated around the main objective: Schedule appointments easily. Automation of agenda planning, appointment notifications and reminders, ability to connect with other business tools like your CRM or sales software .

The first and best known is Calendly, but here are 6 alternatives for you.


Calendly online appointment booking tools


Calendly allows other people to schedule meetings / appointments with you by showing your availability and offering them different time slots and types of meetings that they can book with you.

It is an ideal application for anyone who receives a lot of meeting requests and needs a simple, fast and clear answer.

You start by giving Calendly an overview of your availability by connecting it to your calendar (Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook).

Then, you create different meeting options for the types of meetings you offer, such as “30 minute phone conversation” or “Client onboarding”. Calendly has tons of details you can add to any type of meeting you offer.

Finally, you send a link to the people who need to schedule meetings with you so they can see when you’re available and request the meetings they need. The free plan only supports one meeting type, but from the Premium plan you can host as many meeting types as you want.

Calendly synchronizes all confirmed appointments with your calendar and offers to create an event on your guests’ calendars as well. There are also tools to set up an automatic email reminder for participants.

While Calendly works well for scheduling meetings with individuals or team members within an organization, its personalized events and outbound links make it ideal for connecting with external clients or colleagues. Calendly has plenty of onboarding options including Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Zapier, but you need to sign up for a paid plan to get the full benefits.

In terms of price:

  • Plan with limited functionality:  Free
  • Premium plan: $ 8 / month
  • Pro plan: $ 12 / month

Google calendar


Google calendar


If your team already uses Google Workspace (formerly Gsuite) and wants to streamline scheduling processes by using the same platform for your calendars and schedules as well, use Google Calendar.

If your work email is already part of a Google Workspace membership, you can go to your calendar, find another team member under the “Meet with” tab on your left, then click their name to view their timeline relative to yours. If you click on a time slot on this calendar, you can schedule a meeting with yourself and that person.

If your colleagues are not part of your Google Workspace, press the “Share” button to share your calendar with their email address. From there, they can enter the calendar and schedule a meeting with you.

As a free tool or part of the Google Workspace extension, Google Calendar represents the basis of online calendars. However, it is preferable to combine it with other complementary tools such as Calendly or Twilead in order to automate the appointment setting and the organization of internal meetings.






In the same vein as Doodle , the concept of the Rally web app is a very simple Rallly web app, yes, with three Ls – that helps you and your associates find the perfect date to get together.

There is an elegant simplicity in a tool that does one thing and does it well. Rallly allows anyone – including the person who created the survey – to submit their responses completely anonymously. It is not necessary to create accounts, and only the organizer must provide an email address. The site promises that your data is “never used for commercial purposes” and the project is open source, which allows you to inspect the code.

You type in a few dating suggestions and invite people to take your survey by entering their email address or sending them a link. For every poll you create, a chat box appears below, where anyone can leave comments.

The main downside to Rallly is that it only allows you to offer dates, not times. It also doesn’t have management tools or advanced scheduling features, let alone connectivity to your calendar. But sometimes the simpler the better. If you and your coworkers just need a way to schedule a date for an after work or other event, Rallly is a simple and consistent tool.




Calendar Hero


CalendarHero (formerly Zoom.ai) is similar to Calendly in that you can create different types of meetings of varying lengths and share links so people can schedule meetings with you. You can integrate it into your calendar so that it updates in real time automatically when you are free, or you can manually set your availability.

The service also comes with a host of features to personalize your event, including adding details about the venue (if you are meeting in a physical location) or video conferencing (if you are meeting online). If you use Google or Microsoft single sign-on to sign in to your CalendarHero account, your CalendarHero account can automatically create video chat meetings without any additional configuration. In addition, it strengthens the security of your account.

If you upgrade to one of CalendarHero’s paid plans (starting at $ 8 / month), you may take advantage of additional features, like the ability to collect payments for your events or receive more than two meeting reminders per month. .

CalendarHero has a lot in common with Calendly, but it has more meeting types built into the free version and a few more tools for customizing your meeting details. 


Cal.com (formerly Calendso)

This appointment scheduling software is open source and is a free alternative to  Calendly, in its Free version.
It’s perfect for free for basic appointment scheduling needs. It allows only one type of appointment, which is perfect if you only need a free appointment organizer for your consultations for example.
If you have web developer skills, you can collaborate on the open source project via github at this link https://github.com/calcom/cal.com. It is a project very frequently updated and worked on by an invested community, and that is why just like its alternatives it is at the forefront.
It integrates with many applications such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Apple Calendar, Zoom or even Stripe for payments.
Cal.com offers 3  packages: 
  • A Free package at 0 USD per month per user : 1 type of appointment
  • A Pro plan at 12 USD per month per user : unlimited types of appointments, white label, and many integrations
  • An Enterprise package at $39 per month per user that contains the Pro options and other more advanced options dedicated to companies that use SSO authentication.



Doodle is perhaps one of the oldest appointment scheduling tools, one that has come a long way from its early days.

This is an online tool that helps you schedule and manage your appointments with ease. It lets you create a Doodle poll, send invitations to participants, and track responses in real time.

The difference with the others is that it does not necessarily share your calendar, but just your booking page, which allows you to control who can book.
You can also use Doodle to find the best time and date for your meeting or event. With Doodle, you don’t have to bother with complicated scheduling software. Just create a Doodle poll, send invites, and let attendees vote on the best date and time for your meeting or event.

Doodle offers a 14-day free trial without cb, and then works on a principle of monthly flat rate per user:

  • The pro package at €6.95 / user and per month (surveys, booking, unlimited meetings)
  • The Team package at 8.95€ / user and per month (Pro + admin console + roles and authorizations)
  • The tailor-made Enterprise package (Team + premium support + training + SSO)

The alternative to Calendly in French to automate your appointment booking

While most of the appointment scheduling software presented in this article is managed by US teams, the Twilead alternative is available on the French market and the team behind the tool speaks French to answer all your questions about the most effective scheduling and automation of appointments.



Twilead diary

Twilead allows you to automate all your appointments. An appointment and reminders automation system that saves you a precious resource, your time!

Whether it’s from your website, your Google My Business page or from a direct message thanks to your online calendar, your clients or job candidates can simply make an appointment without any friction. Your clients will appreciate the ease and reliability of our appointment scheduling tools. With the features of automatic reminders and requests for confirmations, no more wasted time! 

You can build unlimited personal or team calendars! The example of Calendly’s efficiency and compatibility, minus the cost.

Try our demo  to see how Twilead communicates with your customers and allows you to automate your appointments. More than just a simple French calendly, Twilead is a complete crm tool that allows you to create meetings but also to manage all aspects of your business on a single platform.


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