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Building sales funnels (or funnels) is perhaps one of the most important parts of your digital acquisition process. You need to create a “path” so compelling that your audience can’t resist “taking the next step” and therefore be converted.

Moreover, having a great digital marketing strategy also means that you are one step ahead of your competition. Today we are going to talk about the best funnel building software.

So how do you do it? What’s the one thing that can help you excel in the digital world in terms of increasing your sales and conversions? The answer is by creating a sales funnel.

Sales funnels are part of inbound marketing, and the idea of creating a journey for users through which they can be converted easily by following a series of steps designed for that exact task .

So, today in this article, we’re going to cover what sales funnels are, examples of sales funnels, when to use sales funnels, and the best software to build the ideal sales funnels to grow. your conversion rate on your sites.

You are ready ? Let’s go!

What is a sales funnel?

Before we introduce you to the different sales funnel building software vendors, you might be wondering what a sales funnel is?

If you’ve worked in sales or marketing for a long time, you know that prospects can be at different stages of the buying process. In fact , depending on the complexity of your product or service, it can take months to nurture and convert that lead into a customer.

If done right, setting up a sales funnel or sales funnel can dramatically streamline this process and hopefully offer the user a best overall shopping experience that will ultimately guide him to what he is looking for, he will make a purchase! … Or even better, he will become a loyal customer through recurring purchases.

Your sales funnel will be made up of a series of stages that consist of various marketing assets, for example, campaigns on your social media, interactions on your landing pages and launching email campaigns.

Software for building a sales funnel can provide you with a comprehensive view of your business and marketing efforts (and their results) at a glance.

Before we move on to vendors offering solutions for building your own sales funnels, let’s take a look at some examples.

Take the example of an entrepreneur specializing in community creation on social networks who wants to sell his training courses online, his sales funnel may look like:

1. The user sees an ad on Facebook offering advice on how to create a community on their social networks with a call to action that reads: ” Download my white paper to unite a community on social networks “.

2. The user is taken to a landing page with the right value proposition where they can download the guide and register to receive emails from the entrepreneur.

3. The next day, he receives a newsletter containing a link to the courses offered.

4. The user registers for one of these courses

5. He continues to receive newsletters with discounts on training costs and re-subscribes to other products.

All of these actions of the buying journey will be tracked in the sales funnel editing software used by the entrepreneur, which means they can clearly see when users give up and when they convert, and to optimise

In addition, because sales funnel building software comes with landing page editors, email marketing services, and even a platform for hosting online courses and seminars, the entrepreneur has everything he needs under one roof, which is without a doubt a lot more economical than putting all of this in place on different platforms .

We don’t know what it is for you, but at Twilead, we are starting to see real benefits in bringing all of your marketing efforts into one place, especially if the sales funnel software has its own CRM . But is it really worth it to cancel all your existing subscriptions in exchange for sales funnel management software?

When and why should you use sales funnel creation software?

If you are new to digital marketing, landing page creation and sales funnels, we recommend that you opt for sales funnel editing software. This type of tool will allow you to keep your initial cost to a minimum by eliminating the cost of a web developer.

However, to determine the best sales funnel software, you need to analyze what it offers you. For example, one of your criteria is to be able to offer webinars to sell your products. For that, there is specific sales funnel software that offers similar functionality to suit your needs.

In addition, if you have already subscribed to a number of tools, you may also have access to their costs and the services that they provide at that price.

So here is a list of the tools that we think are the best for building a sales funnel. If you are already someone in the digital marketing world, chances are you’ve heard of these tools before. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started.

The best sales funnel software

1. ClickFunnels – A simple tool to learn

Clickfunnels tool for creating sales funnels

ClickFunnel is a great sales funnel building tool specially designed for SMEs and entrepreneurs . From a flawless coding experience to systematizing online marketing and sales funnels editing, the tool is equipped with some of the most useful integrations that let you create well-crafted funnels.

Frankly speaking, overly saturated designs, sales talk or flashy marketing as we can see on SCAMs are no longer considered viable . Therefore, ClickFunnel allows you to create minimalistic yet effective sales funnels.

As the tool proclaims, ClickFunnel has its own landing page editor that can be used to create sales funnels. Plus, the entire building experience in ClickFunnel is super easy to understand and get started with for beginners .

In addition, the tool also offers a contextual editor that allows you to modify your landing pages, which allows you to better understand how your page looks before it is published.

There is only one downside to ClickFunnel, and that is that their landing page templates are outdated from a design standpoint . The models give the impression of being too flashy compared to the models offered by the other software on this list.

Additionally, you can also use the help button in the builder that comes with ClickFunnel in case you get stuck somewhere.

About the rates:

Starter plan: $ 97 / month

20 funnels, 100 pages, 20,000 visitors, unlimited contacts, 3 custom domains, split A / B testing, opt-in funnels, all advanced funnels (sales, webinars, membership), order pages and up and down sales pages .

You will need to integrate your email service provider as email marketing is not included in the standard plan. Here are the tools we recommend to manage your emailing campaigns .

Etison Suite: $ 297 / month

Everything is unlimited. You also have access to integrated email marketing services, lead scoring, advanced segmentation, and affiliate management software.

The advantages & disadvantages:

☑️ Ease of use of the tunnel editing tool

☑️ The “Cookbook” part which gives good advice for beginners.

❌ No integrated email management tool

❌ The graphics of their “models” are a little outdated, a redesign would be welcome.

2. GetResponse – The Complete Tool


GetResponse is one of the most comprehensive solutions on this list. Having introduced the Conversion Funnel feature in its email marketing software, you can now configure everything from social media campaigns, to edit landing pages, to organize webinars and to launch email campaigns. You can even sell your products through GetResponse or integrate your account within your e-commerce .

In terms of sales funnel software, GetResponse’s conversion funnel is quick and easy to set up , and visually you can see exactly how your leads are filtering out. GetResponse also has a good selection of modern and sophisticated looking landing page and newsletter templates.

About the rates:

Plus: $ 49 per month for 1,000 users – $ 95 per month for 10,000 users

3 users, email marketing, landing page, webinars, sales funnels, forms and surveys, automation, e-commerce integration, social media ads, templates and images, tracking and reports, integrated CRM.

Professional: $ 99 per month for 1,000 users – $ 165 per month for 10,000 users.

All “Plus” features plus 5 users, unlimited paid webinars, contact rating and tagging, automation and segmentation creation.

The advantages & disadvantages:

☑️ An almost complete solution allowing you to see all the stages of your sales funnel and analyze your different conversion rates.

❌ Pricing based on the volume of your contact base, therefore this solution can quickly become expensive if you have a large number of contacts.

3. Kartra – Ideal for managing membership


Kartra is yet another great software that provides you with almost all the features to start your sales funnel. From a modern website to a page builder, a CRM, the automation of your marketing emails and much more, Kartra has a lot in its arsenal to master your marketing actions .

The most remarkable aspect of Kartra is that it is very easy to use . And this thanks to the checklist that can be found in its dashboard.

The platform is designed to walk users through the process of building a sales funnel , while ensuring that you clearly understand each element so that you can use the software like a pro. Kartra can also be used as a membership platform, so very useful if you have set up subscriptions, a training space, etc.

In addition, you can save a lot of money by investing in Kartra, because it has a comprehensive offer. However, the price is tied to your contact list, and if it goes up, so is your cost …

Also, depending on the type of your business, videos can be part of your sales funnel, and they should be given the fact that they can be very engaging.

Kartra supports the hosting and optimization of videos on its platform , as well as the addition of registration forms and CTA buttons. The best ? After you upload videos, you will be able to see which videos are being watched by your prospects and potential customers.

About the rates:

Starter: $ 79 per month billed annually / $ 99 billed monthly

Up to 2,500 leads, 15,000 emails per month, 50 GB of bandwidth per month, 100 pages, 20 products for sale, 2 sites with membership, 1 custom domain.

Silver Plan: $ 149 per month billed annually / $ 199 billed monthly

Up to 12,500 leads, 125,000 emails per month, 125 GB of bandwidth per month, unlimited pages, unlimited product sales, unlimited membership sites, 3 custom domains.

Gold Plan: $ 249 per month billed annually / $ 299 billed monthly

Up to 25,000 leads, 250,000 emails per month, 200 GB of bandwidth per month, unlimited pages, unlimited product sales, unlimited membership sites, 5 custom domains.

The advantages & disadvantages:

☑️ A very complete tool, easy to learn thanks to the tutorials as well as a checklist that helps enormously in order to get organized and analyze the right elements.

❌ Few integrations available

❌ As with GetResponse, their pricing based on the volume of your contact base, so this solution can quickly become expensive if you have a large number of contacts.

4. Leadpages – A very low cost solution


Leadpages could be a good option for entrepreneurs new to website editing, as it allows you to build your own responsive mobile website from scratch with a simple drag and drop editor., as well as landing pages, alert bars, and pop-ups. It does not offer email marketing software, however it does offer fairly simple integrations. The best thing about this sales funnel editor software is that you can collect unlimited number of leads and they won’t be charged to you, all plans are unlimited.

About the rates:

Standard: $ 37 per month billed monthly / $ 25 billed annually

1 website, unlimited pages, pop-ups, alert bars, free custom domain (when billed annually), free hosting, Facebook ADS and Instagram ad maker, weekly group coaching.

Pro: $ 79 per month billed monthly / $ 48 billed annually

Everything in the Standard plan plus online sales and payments, unlimited split A / B testing on landing pages, 10 opt-in SMS campaigns.

Advanced: $ 321 per month, billed monthly / $ 199 per year

Everything in the Pro plan plus advanced integrations, 5 pro sub-accounts, 50 additional opt-in SMS campaigns, one-on-one setup support and Leadpages virtual workshops.

The advantages & disadvantages:

☑️ Its pricing, unlike most other tools, the price is not based on the number of contacts!

☑️ Their choice of “models” is quite wide with a clean design, thought to convert!

❌ No integrated automation & emailing tool

5. Instapage – To easily create landing pages


Instapage is a landing page builder that can be used as part of your sales funnel. Instapage claims its software can increase conversions by 400% by using conversion-optimized and use-case-based models as well as sophisticated A / B testing . This solution is ideal for businesses that only use landing pages to convert their visitors. However, when it comes to sales funnel software, there are other more comprehensive options. At $ 129 per month, the price is a bit steep.

About the rates:

Core: $ 129 per month / $ 99 billed annually

Landing page builder with 89 models, integrations, A / B tests, heatmaps, conversion analyzes and forms. 30,000 unique visitors, 30 published landing pages, 5 sub-accounts and 5 team members.

Company: Personalized offer, based on needs

Everything in Core plus editable global blocks (used in the editor), AMP pages and experiences, guaranteed uptime, professional page launching services, page migration services, a CSM dedicated, custom fonts and the implementation of custom features.

Advantages and disadvantages :

☑️ For a landing page editor, it’s pretty complete. Heatmaps is a great feature to see how your users are behaving on the page, which can help you improve the performance of the page.

❌ If you’re looking for more than just a landing page builder, Instapage isn’t for you. There are much more comprehensive packages on this list of sales funnel software. Plus, as a landing page builder, it’s not the cheapest.

5. Twilead – The all-in-one tool

image 8 1

More than a “simple” tool for editing sales funnels, Twilead is a complete tool for editing landing pages simply by drag and drop, allows you to fully customize the appearance while being mobile responsive , host an unlimited number of web pages, add chatbot, secure website hosting, SEO optimization, large media management library (images, gifs, videos …), conversion of visitors directly in an integrated CRM and in the emailing sequences already prepared or even the possibility of managing memberships to its platform …

You will have understood it well with Twilead, you do not need to connect other tools ! It is the platform that allows you to manage your visitors’ experience from A to Z , from the prospect stage, to the customer and even further until you become a loyal customer!

About the rates:

Business: $ 89 per month, billed monthly / $ 890 per year

Website editor, advanced CRM with unlimited contacts, sales pipelines, email marketing, chatbot widget, all integrations, IOS & Android mobile app, two-way discussion thread, reputation management.

Performance: $ 167 per month billed monthly / $ 1,670 per year

Business pack plus automation scenarios, personal and team calendars, forms, surveys and questionnaires, sales funnels, membership and infoproduct platform, advanced performance reports.

Expert / Systems: $ 287 per month billed monthly / $ 2,870 per year

Performance pack plus personalized audit, advanced workflows, tailor-made support with a dedicated expert, premium support. Tailor-made package for large companies to create their real turnkey digital 4.0 Hub.

The advantages & disadvantages:

☑️ The most complete tool allowing to manage its commercial actions, marketing as well as the maintenance of its customer relationship.

☑️ A fair price in view of the number of features offered!


If you’re still here, you probably know everything there is to know about the tools mentioned above. You’ve seen the prices, features, specifications, and much more of the tools on this list, and I’m sure you are now able to make the best choice for your business.

However, knowing the requirements of your business is essential. For example, if you are looking for a complete and relatively affordable tool to manage many aspects of your business, we of course recommend Twilead.

If you want to go further and learn more about Twilead and even test the tool for free, we invite you to book a demo of the tool allowing you to learn more and test Twilead for 14 days for free.

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